This site is aimed at IT Professionals with an understanding of the inner workings of cloud services.



Every cloud service issue has a beginning, and this is where we talk about your challenges with cloud today.  People want to know what challenges you face, and how you can overcome them by sharing your experience in the field with others.  Keeping things to yourself is not the way to go in this field.  Talk about your root issues--other admins are listening.   We're all listening.

With cloud services changing the way we do business and interact with each other, I too was challenged to share my experiences.  Ta-dah, a new site is born to help you on your journey to greatness.

The purpose of this site is to share my lessons learned, with deep technical knowledge on real life enterprise scenarios.  No, not just another IT site.  The focus is to provide real answers for real questions, and real solutions, for real problems.  When it comes to experiencing downtime impacting your users and production, opening a support case and waiting 2 hours in a support queue for a SEV A is unacceptable.  Especially, when the CIO ( or some overly paid big shot) is requesting real-time updates every 5 minutes.  Well, maybe every 30 minutes, even then, it's a no brainer.

Just accept it, Bing, and Google are your best friends in situations like these, whether you believe it or not.  However, not every query in either search engine turns up a solution or acceptable work around.  This is where 365 Pro shows up on game day.  Our supportive goals are to fill in the gap and provide real answers, for real problems.   Even if you can’t find the answer on our site, we will point you in the right direction.  Consider it a favor.

In the evergreen cloud experience, service changes in the cloud are often the cause of business interrupters breaking everything from client connections, authentication flows, mobility etc.  Or, you get the good ole, it's not supported.  Then you say, WHAT! It was working fine before, BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Enough role playing, I don't plan to give you a long laundry list of issues, you get the point; if you're reading this you must be a tech.

We're all chasing answers to the critical questions that can make or break your cloud adoption strategy.

This site is designed not to help you make those key decisions.  On the contrary my Dear Watson, it's designed to encourage you to adopt the cloud because others are ahead of the game.  What do I mean?  Well, we're beyond piloting, test tubing, and breaking ice.  If you want to get technical, it means, you're not the guinea pig.

There are tons of sites with useful information, tools, and strategies that will help you along your journey of adopting cloud.  We will too.

In this field we do whatever takes, with whatever we have.  Even then, that's enough, someone is chasing a real answer.

So, let's get ready to journey into the world of cloud mysteries.

Happy Clouding!